AutomaticTV will be both your camera and your Director

Leave your production in hands of our A.I. and enjoy your team games. It’s as simple as:

  • 1

    Place the master camera in the middle of the field, in a high place, to have a better view

  • 2

    Add any additional cameras you need

  • 3

    Configure your production style and decide where you want to watch your production

  • 4

    That’s all! Enjoy your games

Adapt your production style to your needs

AutomaticTV allows you to configure and adapt the style of your production to your needs, in addition to offering different protocols to deliver the signal produced, the most common being: MP4, SRT, TCP, RTMP, SDI and NDI.


The perfect tool to manage your content

    MyAutomaticTV is the cloud-based platform that covers all the sports audiovisual content management needs, from consumption to distribution and exploitation, for live streaming, as well as for Video On Demand (VOD), responding to customers’ entertainment as well as tactical analysis needs.

    MyAutomaticTV is ideal for:
    • Sports clubs

      Control all your installations comfortably from wherever you are

    • Leagues and Federations

      Watch all your productions in course at anytime

    • Coaches

      Create tags and match events

    • Analysts

      All your match data and videos in the same repository

    • Players

      Create clips of your most interesting plays

    • Communication and Social Media Departments

      Share your clips to whoever you want in your Social Media

    MyAutomaticTV is specially designed for:
    Events and video content management
    Our video platform will allow you to schedule live and future broadcasts, integrate sponsors, publish live events on social media, overlay graphics, as well as obtaining stats, with everything easily accessible from one place.
    Creation of clips, tags and highlights
    MyAutomaticTV integrates tools to create clips, tags and highlights, for entertainment purposes as well as for tactical analysis. As such, analysts can instantly and easily create and categorize the events they need. In addition, teams and clubs can share clips and highlights to connect with fans on their OTT and on social media.
    OTT platform for federations, leagues and clubs
    The platform allows you to enjoy the content anywhere and is fully integrated with all the most commonly-used apps: Internet, mobile, TV, tablet, social media or on the portal itself, allowing for the creation of profiles to package specific content. The system also allows every federation, league or club to develop its own landing page, complete with customized content.
    Monetization and sponsorship
    MyAutomaticTV is compatible with different monetization models, whether they are ads, monthly or yearly subscription options, or pay-per-view models. The platform offers different advertising opportunities, from pre-roll videos, battery of ads before matches, banners and integration of logos and trademarks.

    Give A.I. a break. Take control of the cameras

      Producing in automatic mode, leaving everything in the hands of A.I., it’s useful, easy and very convenient on many occasions, but in certain situations, like training sessions, there are times when it’s vital to be able to take manual control of the cameras, following the action at your will. ATV Director is the app especially designed to help you produce manually any sporting event taking place at your venue, as well as any other event.

      ATV Director allows you to operate in 3 different modes
      Follow the action and switch cameras using a joystick or gamepad
      The Mastercam follows the action automatically and you decide when to switch to other cameras
      You can order the system at any time to use a predefined production style and follow the action as you switch cameras automatically
      At any time and at your will, switch from one production mode to another
      Record any sport or any event taking place at your venue
      Take control of your scheduled productions at any time

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