Your team and your fans deserve the best

    Being part of a club and feeling part of the colors is an experience nobody should miss. Whether you are a professional or amateur club, there is an AutomaticTV solution capable of meeting the needs of your coaches, your players and your fans.

    Extraordinary image quality
    4K and 6K cameras at 25/30 fps or 50/60 fps
    Maximize your investment
    One system can be used by both, professional and academy teams
    Reduce costs
    Automatic and unattended productions
    Different production styles
    One for tactical analysis and one for the fans
    Take control of the camera
    Manually produce any training session or any sport not produced automatically from the venue
    Live stream your content
    You are free to stream your content live wherever you want or record it locally
    Access your footage instantly
    Live delivery to coaches and analysts on the ground or remotely
    Cover multiple training areas with just one system
    Different groups of athletes can be recorded at the same time by creating virtual cameras
    Direct integration with your video analysis tools
    We are fully compatible with Hudl platform, Nacsports, Longomatch and the most used analysis tools
    Automatic and manual graphics
    Enhance your productions with live scoreboard of the match
    Watch yourself playing like it was on TV, stream your content wherever you want
    Different categories. Different needs. A unified production experience
    Produce as many games and/or training sessions as you wish
    Combine the different systems in a single experience:

    ATV Ace

    The simplest experience

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    ATV Pro

    Multi-cam professional Quality

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    ATV Broadcast

    Productions with TV broadcast quality

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    You are just one click away from enjoying all the benefits of AutomaticTV.