The greatest events deserve the best production

    The best image quality is what makes the difference. And this is precisely what AutomaticTV offers. Top broadcasting productions for the most demanding occasions.

    Extraordinary image quality
    4K cameras at 50/60 fps with high dynamic range calibrated in color space REC.709
    Scalable solution
    Add additional cameras or ENG cameras
    Automatic or manual productions
    You choose what kind of production suits you better every time
    Reduce production costs
    Create top productions using the smallest crew
    Compatible with other production workflows
    NDI inputs and outputs, SDI output and integration with production platforms
    Live stream content
    You are free to stream your content live wherever you want or record it locally
    A physical camera: several virtual
    Our advanced software allows you to generate different virtual cameras from any ATV camera installed at the venue
    Enhance your production to the max
    Add an automatic or manual scoreboard, voice-over, additional ATV cameras, close-up cameras and replays
    Success cases
    • Footbal/ Soccer

      Spain - LaLiga
    • Basketball

      USA - NBA Summer League
    • Futbol

      Perú - Women’s first division
    • Handball

      Switzerland – Men’s 1st division
    We provide the tools, you bring the creativity:

    ATV Broadcast

    High level productions managed by the best A.I.

    Get a glimpse

    ATV Full Broadcast

    For advanced productions with close-ups and replays

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