Where should I put the cameras of AutomaticTV?

The master camera – or rig – of AutomaticTV is the one that follows the action, covering the entire field of play. It must always be placed in the center of the field and depending on the measurements of the field in which it will be installed, you will have to choose a height position and sideline distance that provide the best view of the field. Side cameras are usually installed on the sideline, midway between the master camera and the corner. If required, they can be installed in different positions such as behind the goal in football or behind the basket in basketball.

What elements does an AutomaticTV system have?

Every AutomaticTV system is composed of one master camera – rig - and one server.

Does AutomaticTV include sound?

Each system includes a microphone to capture ambient sound and allows you to decide whether you want to integrate commentary into the production.

How many cameras can I have?

Mastercam systems only have one camera position, in the centre of the playing field. In Multicam systems, you can add 2 x 4K cameras or 4 x FullHD-configured cameras. Review the specifications of the system you are interested in acquiring to discover all its benefits.

How many outputs can I record at the same time?

This will depend on each system. ATV ACE system only allows one output, which can be sent to different contribution points with the protocol you choose. For example, you can record locally in MP4, send it to YouTube via RTMP and also send it via RTMP to a local device in the stadium. ATV PRO and ATV BROADCAST systems offer different outputs at the same time. As such, you could record the program feed in high quality in MP4, send it with lower quality to YouTube via RTMP and send the side cameras via SRT to a third party for tactical analysis. For more information, please, see the specification table for each system.

Can I add graphics to the production?

You can add any image (logo) or trademark to the video, text or picture-in-picture. The system includes a graphics engine that allows you to add the scoreboard, and it can work in manual mode or automatic, directly obtaining the data from the physical scoreboard at the venue, through an OCR or SportZcast solution.

What bandwidth does the system need to work properly?

Obviously, the greater the bandwidth, the better the quality. We recommend to have at least 15-20 MB to be able to send your production with a good image quality. It’s important to mention that AutomaticTV can work offline, without needing an Internet connection.

How can I add commentary?

By default, the system includes ambient sound. To add commentators, all you have to do is connect one microphone to the server and manage the sound using the AutomaticTV mixing software. Additionally, for advanced uses, a mixing table can be added.

How can I access recorded material?

Once the recording is finished, the material will be accessible in an MP4 file, and is stored on the server. Besides, ATV PRO and ATV BROADCAST systems users can avail of the Iso Recording function, which allows you to record the RAW camera images locally on a server and re-produce the match once the final whistle has sounded.

How many sessions can I record with the server?

AutomaticTV’s A.I. never gets tired of producing, so there is no limitation to the number of recordings and productions you can do. The system is available to record 24/7, and everything you produce belongs to you, affording you absolute control over your content. You should take into account that there is limited space available on the hard drive, so you will have to free up space from time to time.

How can I produce manually and remotely?

AutomaticTV has a remote production system that only requires a good Internet connection.

What protocols are compatible with the produced signal?

Our systems are compatible with different streaming protocols: SRT, RTMP, TCP, UDP, MPEG. Additionally, some of our systems can support SDI and NDI. For more information, please, see the specifications table for each system.

What sports can be produced with AutomaticTV?

Currently AutomaticTV can automatically produce: Football (Soccer), Basketball, Volleyball, Ice Hockey, Handball and Futsal. That said and given that the system allows to take manual control of the cameras, you can record any sport or event taking place at your venue.

How do I manually produce an event?

AutomaticTV comes with the ATV Director app, a manual production tool that allows you to manage cameras manually (pan, tilt, zoom). Besides, with ATV Director you can take manual control of an automatic production at any time.