Professional Analysis

In professional sports nothing is left to chance. It’s all under control, and the panoramic view of AutomaticTV doesn’t miss a trick. That’s why our advanced system is an ideal tech solution.


Great teams with the very best tech solution: the perfect match.

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Tactical camera

Automatically produce videos during a match with all the players on the field, so all you have to do is add your own tags and analysis.


Training sessions

Cover multiple training areas at the same time with just one system.


Live analysis

Forget about handling a camera, just concentrate on tagging and creating clips with the footage the system provides.


Sport’s Academies

Maximize your investment improving the performance not only of the professional teams but also of the academy.


Integration and compatibility

Direct integration with the main video analysis tools: Mediacoach, Sportscode, Hudl platform, Nacsport, LongoMatch, etc.

Users have a lot to say

"For LaLiga, an innovation project such as tactical camera is very important for its ability to integrate with Mediacoach, and for the possibility of drawing over the videos that AutomaticTV supplies"


Ricardo Resta

Director of the Sports Area & Mediacoach

"What interests the coaching staff and analysts is to be able to see the location of all players at all times, and what happens when there is no ball. And with the tactical camera of AutomaticTV we can have this perspective of the game"


Ramon Alturo

RCD Espanyol Analyst